Smart meters for manufacturing

Saving energy in manufacturing and real estate

Today, every home has a smart meter. We know the exact cost of running our washing machine an hour longer or shorter. But what about the manufacturing industry, where electricity bills amount to at least EUR 250,000 a year? We have no idea which process or machine is operating efficiently or causes a gigantic energy leak.

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1. Reduced costs

Measurements reveal your energy guzzlers. Which processes unnecessarily fuel your cost? On average, we save up to 30%.  

2. Awareness

Detailed insights make your operators aware of the opportunity to save. No more assumptions but green numbers instead!

3. Demonstrably cleaner

Data is stored and bundled for reporting. Allowing you to demonstrate exactly how much less CO2 has been emitted and how else you can contribute to the climate policy.

The quickest gains: directly MEASURE what savings can be achieved

Drafting a measurement plan is the first step towards true insight, accountability to government and major shareholders, and the realisation of savings alike. The measurement plan is a highly detailed, tailored quotation, establishing where smart (sub)meters and targeted data will contribute to your efficiency. We can spend hours talking about it, but we would prefer to meet with your plant manager, financial director, technical department manager or facilities manager to show them first hand.

For commercial use > € 250,000

Our Smart Metering Boxes (SMB), data links and advisory services are all designed for the Real Estate assests and manufacturing industry, such as chemical, paper & cardboard, food, plastics and utility. In practice, these industries tend to suffer from a major lack of detailed insights. Follow up these insights with concrete saving actions and improve awareness among staff to eliminate the difficulty of achieving and demonstrating your CO2 reduction.

“On average, we reduce energy consumption by 30%. Not just with low hanging fruit, but with shocking energy guzzlers as well"

We do not do it alone

The manufacturing and utility industries are not the only ones to discover the Metering Box as an handy toolbox in the energy transition. Drenthe province and Overijssel province subsidises and promotes our efforts because they see how larger companies in particular can save tens of thousands of euros a year. Meanwhile, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency is researching whether our Measuring cases can be granted fiscal benefits when recognised as an environmental measure. This video by rubber processor Ruma from Hoogeveen, made with special thanks to Drenthe province, may become the first in a long series of successful savings.