Real-time energy monitoring Digital Twin for outlier detection

energy-IO and Radboud University finished a project to develop an anomoly detection algorithm. The data science engineers of Radboud Universiy Nijmegen were supported by our engineers, With this solution our customers can be warned if energy consumption is changing or slightly drifts away what normally can’t be seen by the existing energy management systems.

Processes need to be optimized for better sustainability

Process-control, -monitoring and predictive maintenance are well-known concepts. However, their usage must be broadened and improved to realize the near-future energy transition goals, since they can reduce energy usage in existing processes by 5-25% and their usage is currently still limited. Corporate sustainability is a convoluted performance indicator, embedded in constraints of economic performance and

De meetkoffer: de slimme sleutel tot energiebesparing

Nederland staat voor een energietransitie en dat betekent dat we andere vormen van en ook minder energie moeten verbruiken. Voor bedrijven in Drenthe die veel energie verbruiken is er een instrument beschikbaar dat op vrij eenvoudige wijze de deur opent naar een flinke energie (en dus ook geld-) besparing: de meetkoffer. Alex Scheper, projectleider Energietransitie

HAI and energy-IO join forces with a system for energy efficiency

Industry saves 20-30% on energy consumption by working smarter Energy efficiency in industry is a “hot” and on-going topic for the coming decades, given the climate goals we are all pursuing. Many production processes are facing sharply rising energy costs. To keep those costs under control, it is important to have insight into consumptions, not