Project: AEC_2020

The objective of this project is to arrive at a self-learning Adaptive Energy Control for large process installations, which will automatically operate more economically and therefore consume less energy. The ultimate goal is that the end customer can save energy and emit less CO2. Developing an “Adaptive Cruise Control” or ACC_2020 for the utility and industry. The aim is also to detect and optimize anomalies in consumption patterns of equipment and installations within the realm of smart IoT sensing. As a rule, these are closed, self-contained systems with a limited number of components. As more 'intelligence' becomes available in such sensors, the need for a platform that makes these forms of intelligent sensing possible via common internet infrastructure grows, whereby software recognizes situations without human intervention. The Applicant is developing its own IoT intelligence module for this purpose, specifically aimed at visual sensors with the aim of eliminating these deviations, with the ultimate goal of making a machine or device run more efficiently and therefore more energy-efficiently.