The Necessity

Being energy neutral by 2050

The Paris Energy Agreement

Reducing CO2 emissions

No one will have missed that the weather patterns are becoming more extreme and the effects of global warming are taking their toll.

In order to provide a sustainable future for the planet, it is crucial that we drastically reduce our CO2 emissions, by 30% by 2035 and by 100% by 2050.

The Trias Energetica

Time to critically examine the industrial focus on energy reduction

Limit current energy consumption

The area of focus for Energy-IO

By analyzing consumption data at every level of the company, we can identify which processes can be optimized. This directly reduces CO2 emissions and often saves - enormous amounts of - energy.

Generate sustainable energy

Does not always generate the energy needed at the right moment.

Generating sustainable energy contributes significantly to CO2 reduction. However, the business cases for industrial parties are often still poor, and advice is only followed on paper. Additionally, this does not reduce wasted energy consumption.

Stop fossil fuels

Definitely a good idea, but not realistic for reducing CO2 emissions in the short term.

Many industries rely on fossil fuels such as gas. Making processes gas-free often requires a huge investment and this is sometimes simply not feasible.

Additional benefits

Multiple benefits for our customers


 1. Financial  

We achieve an average of 30% energy savings per year for our customers. Sometimes with small adjustments, sometimes with unseen energy guzzlers.


 2. Healthy business case with attention to performance  

Insight into energy consumption will increase the efficiency of operations. Reduction of downtime and optimization of work procedures contribute to the increase in energy efficiency. Additionally, employees will work more purposefully and with greater energy awareness.


 3. Meet sustainability requirements  

For many entrepreneurs, 2030 is rapidly approaching. We are a perfect addition to sustainability and energy project teams.

4. The solution to a grid congestion problem

By reducing your current energy consumption, space is feed up within your company for new machinery and expansions. Furthermore our solution helps in preventing overshoot of your energy contract and so preventing penalties


Insight into energy consumption per machine

By analyzing the data, you get insights into the energy consumption per machine and/or department. This allows you to know exactly which machine uses what amount of energy at any given time.

Our Origin

Energy insight for the manufacturing industry, since 2009

Early beginnings

Energy-IO started with the smart metering boxes in 2009. The driving force is Ton van Ewijk, who has over 25 years of experience as a process technologist and also as a plant manager at companies like Tetra Pak, Akzo Nobel, Nedmag, Remag Delfzijl, DSM, Foxfire, and FrieslandCampina.

Ton met meetkoffer

Urgency for the future

In 15 years, a lot can happen, global warming is accelerating, as shown in the graph below. This makes it even more urgent for us to broadly promote our services.

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Our Team

Our passionate team of specialists helps your plant with energy reduction. The broad spectrum of knowledge within our team allows us to excellently support your company at every step of the process.


Ton van Ewijk

Director / Owner

The man with the mission to pursue efficiency, not based on assumptions, but by purely measuring and taking targeted actions to reach the goal faster.

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Tjeerd Veenstra

Business intelligence specialist

Our BI specialist ensures the digitalization of all our business processes.

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Rick Wolthuis

Software developer

Our brains behind our smart measuring box, he has been on board since day-one of Energy-IO. Renowned for his natural inclination towards innovation.

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Mark van Ginkel

Data transmission engineer

This technical all-rounder connects everything that can be linked via data. Addicted to wireless speed experiences.

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Minou Kamphuis

Office manager

Our office manager who is the glue between the different work processes and supports internal and external projects.

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Udo Zwart

Process Technologist / Consultant

Our specialist in energy saving and production and process optimization.

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Joost Tieleman

Junior consultant

Our junior consultant is energetic and an emerging talent in the sustainability of businesses.

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Mirthe Oostland

Junior consultant

This junior consultant is passionate about sustainability and approaches problems with a fresh perspective.

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About Energy-IO

Every residential house nowadays has a smart meter. They know exactly what it costs if a washing machine runs an hour shorter or longer. But in the manufacturing industry? There, they annually pay at least 250,000 euros to the energy company. But they have no idea which process or machine really runs efficiently, or is just a huge energy leak.


Data-Driven Energy Reduction

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