5% savings for industrial bakery

Annual consumption -€50,000

An industrial bakery operates in 3 shifts. On Sundays, the "startup" shift starts the factory at 11:00 PM. Out of habit, they start the oven first to bring it to temperature. Based on the analysis of energy consumption, it can be deduced that the oven reaches temperature after 2 hours. Consequently, the oven remains idle for 5 hours unnecessarily. Changing the factory startup procedure leads to a 5% saving on the total gas bill.

About Energy-IO

Every residential house nowadays has a smart meter. They know exactly what it costs if a washing machine runs an hour shorter or longer. But in the manufacturing industry? There, they annually pay at least 250,000 euros to the energy company. But they have no idea which process or machine really runs efficiently, or is just a huge energy leak.


Data-Driven Energy Reduction

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