HAI and energy-IO join forces with a system for energy efficiency

Industry saves 20-30% on energy consumption by working smarter

Energy efficiency in industry is a “hot” and on-going topic for the coming decades, given the climate goals we are all pursuing. Many production processes are facing sharply rising energy costs. To keep those costs under control, it is important to have insight into consumptions, not only at the main level but also per production line or device level.

But how do you go about it?

energy-IO has developed smart solutions for this: handy sensors that quickly provide reliable and detailed data on energy consumption, along with insightful reports. This gives production companies a sharp insight into energy consumption. And that insight provides a reliable basis for energy-saving measures and investments.

The latest state-of-the-art sensor and software technology now opens up new energy-saving opportunities

Context is key

Energy data alone is often not enough; you want to link this data to production data such as batch numbers, recipes, process conditions and production rates. HAI’s information system contains all of these details.

For example: What energy consumption do you have at what time of production and with what type of product and with what quality?
And if two production runs with the same product still show different energy consumption, do you know why this occurs. Is this perhaps due to a difference in settings, difference in temperature or difference in raw material quality?

With the answer to these questions, you place the energy consumption in context and thus start to better understand where savings opportunities lie.

Analysis and real-time control

By combining plant information and energy consumption, there are gains to be made on two fronts.

First, it becomes easier to understand where the opportunities for energy savings lie when you enrich the analyses on energy consumption with the corresponding information from production.

Second, operators will be more successful in reducing their energy consumption in real time if the production information they receive is enriched with energy consumption information.

After all, context is crucial when interpreting data

Trias Energetica

Many manufacturing companies are gradually coming to the conclusion that they have insufficient data to properly analyze their energy consumption.

As a result, the most important first step of the Trias Energetica (reduce your energy consumption) has received too little attention in recent years. The discussion often focuses on installing solar panels: this, however, relates to sustainable energy generation and does not address reducing consumption.

With the latest state-of-the-art sensor and software technology, new savings opportunities are now emerging.

What is not started today will never be finished tomorrow (J.W. von Goethe)

One-plus-one is three

HAI’s approach with energy-IO optimizes the energy consumption of the company’s core process.
In practice, this leads to savings of 20-30% on energy costs.

Accounting for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The collaboration between HAI and energy-IO originated in the EBI innovation project led by ISPT and Radboud University: a project focused on process optimization in industry using the latest developments in cloud technology, sensors and data analytics.

energy-IO has more than 15 years of experience in mining energy data from factories and institutions. HAI is a frontrunner in cloud applications in the industry. The combination of activities of both companies complement each other: one plus one is three.

By joining forces, the parties accelerate the energy transition for industry. Already many companies have recognized that data and data analysis is the basis for all future energy transition measures. HAI and energy-IO can help you with this.

Would like to know more about this approach, please contact:

Anneke van der Linde (HAI), avanderlinde@hai.nl or 06-51500542

Ton van Ewijk (energy-IO), tvewijk@energy-io.nl or 06-10577048