Save energy costs with energy monitoring

Do you know if energy has been draining away?

Energy cost savings start with insight. Insight into the actual consumption of each and every machine and/or production line separately. After years of use as well as halfway through the maintenance cycle, when things no longer go by the book, energy consumption may rise. Save costs by measuring what is truly going on with your energy consumption.  

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A measurement plan measures your energy consumption in great detail

The first step of energy monitoring is to draft a plan to reveal what you need to measure. This is not a matter of simply submitting a quotation titled ‘energy monitoring’. After a good conversation with the financial controller and plant manager, we will work together to draft a detailed measurement plan.

Determine your savings now

“On average, we reduce energy consumption by 25-35%. Not just by addressing low hanging fruit, but shocking energy guzzlers as well”​

How much can you save with energy monitoring?

Proper measurement on a daily basis is key. When you notice that one production line consumes more energy than another while using the same machinery, it is time to find out how that difference arises. Find the cause to start saving energy. 

Energy costs per year*

What you can save:

 per year

The steps of saving energy

We will support you all the way from gathering your data to analysis and interpretation.

Data generation

By connecting the Smart Metering Boxes (SMB), we generate a detailed view of your consumption. This data is visualised in a dashboard.


The dashboard displays your potential savings in great detail. Once installed, we can show you how to analyse the data. 


With the data in the dashboard, you can interpret what this data means and how to realise your savings.

Reducing CO2 through energy monitoring

Every plant manager is confronted with the approaching 2030 sustainability requirement. “We know exactly how much energy we consume, but lack detailed insight”, a frequently heard issue according to Ton van Ewijk. Which section of the packaging line is driving energy consumption. If we would manage to save energy there, we could save CO2 as well.

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